LaunchKit end of service FAQ

In July 2016, LaunchKit joined Google. As part of the transition, LaunchKit announced that it was open sourcing its tools and will be shutting down the LaunchKit service in July 2017.

A year has passed and LaunchKit will be shut down on July 31, 2017. Please download any screenshot assets and transfer any hosted app websites to another service before then.


What happens to my subscription?

If you had an active subscription as of May 31, 2017, your subscription will remain active until July 31, 2017, and you will not be charged for any renewal.


What are some LaunchKit alternatives?


How can I download all my screenshot sets?

You can download your set by visiting the Screenshot Builder dashboard and clicking "Download".


What will happen to my data?

All data residing in LaunchKit services will be destroyed by our cloud hosting provider, Amazon, when the service is shut down on July 31, 2017. Read more about Amazon's data privacy


My app uses the LaunchKit SDK, what will happen after the service is shut down?

The SDK will fail gracefully when the service cannot be reached, but you should remove the SDK from your app ASAP to remove unnecessary network requests.


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